Message from the CEO – Extraordinary Times

**** Sent on behalf of David Keselman, Chief Executive Officer ****

Hello Family Members,

I wanted to take this opportunity to connect, virtually, with all of you. As you may well know, it seems that COVID-19 has literally taken over our daily agenda, and, although reluctantly, we had to submit our entire attention to manage the situation as best we can. Information about COVID-19 comes from a range of sources, in a rapid manner, with changing directions, additional detail, thus increasing the complexity of how we deliver care and look after our residents and staff.

I am hoping that you are receiving the communication and information that we send out from time to time, however I do encourage you to visit our website (, as we post updated information there regularly. These are not easy times, and we certainly recognize the potential impact it may have on you, our residents, and our staff. I am also asking you to trust us that we are doing the best we can to keep your family members and significant others safe and protected from what is going on out there. For that specific reason, I ask for your support and cooperation. Please consider that the most immediate impact is the shortage of staff, as our employees are made to make decisions and choose one employer. It is a necessary decision, however it does create a level of hardship that we are trying to mitigate. To that end, I ask that you do not over burden the staff with phone calls, nevertheless should you have urgent clinical questions please contact the respective CNL on the unit. For all other concerns or questions, please send an email to We need our staff to spend as much time as they can with residents, especially now that all of you are not permitted into the building.

I have been receiving quite a number of supportive emails and phone messages, and I am absolutely grateful for that and certainly relay them all to the staff. I wanted to thank all of you for your on-going support, positivity, and trust. I believe that both the LBHH and WR were prepared as best we could, and we are committed to stay ahead of the game. Many of the messages that I received indicated a willingness to help and asked whether we need anything to help our staff and residents. While there are certainly some major resource needs (such as care staff), there are also smaller items we can use, to further enhance the quality of care, comfort, and quality of life of our residents.

Should you desire to contribute a specific item, please let us know, by sending an email to A tax receipt can be issued through the LBHH foundation. Further detail can be provided as relevant and required. If there is nothing on the list that you would like to choose, you can always opt to contribute to the clinical equipment fund or the companion fund through the foundation.

Please review the list below:


Yours truly,

David Keselman
Chief Executive Office