Message from the CEO – Extraordinary Times

**** Sent on behalf of David Keselman, Chief Executive Officer ****

Hello dear family members,

I trust that this message finds you well, safe, and healthy. I wanted to start by thanking you for the many supportive messages and gestures during these uncertain and challenging times. I, absolutely, acknowledge the stress, anxiety, fear, and feeling of uncertainty, that you must experience as information regarding the COVID-19 continues to evolve. I wanted to re-assure you that you are not alone, and while our staff continues to come to work and put the needs of our residents ahead of their own, they too are experiencing the same range of feelings and emotions.

With that in mind, I am asking for your complete support, understanding, and cooperation, in helping us keep ourselves safe and healthy and of course our residents. I am asking that you respect and obey all and any directives that we are provided by the Ministry of Health and the Medical Officer of Health and share with you. Please understand that these are meant to help limit, slow down, and stop the spread of the disease.

At this time and as previously communicated, NO visitors are allowed. This means that NO visitors are allowed on premises either. Please do not come to the LBHH and/or Weinberg Residence, to try and see your loved one through the window. You can not take residents for a walk outside and/or around the premises. Our residents are not allowed to leave the building, except for emergencies. Our staff are not allowed to leave the building except for coming to work and going home. We are working on establishing alternative communication modes, but are limited in resources, staff and other means. Should you want to leave something for your loved ones, we have created drop off boxes outside the main door of the LBHH and WR, please DO NOT attempt to get inside the building. We strongly ask that you follow and respect these instructions.

It is absolutely scary, but I believe that we have done and implemented significant improvements over the last few years, so that you can rest assure that we will keep your loved ones as safe and healthy as we possibly can. If you have any further questions and/or concerns please email us at Please avoid calling us unless it is urgent, we want our staff to have all the time they need to look after our residents. If you are experiencing any difficulties, or just need to speak to someone and share your experience, our Chaplain will be happy to help as much as possible.

Hazzan Rob Menes, Chaplain –, (w) 604-267-4661, or (c) 604-351-7896

Wishing you all the best, please stay safe and healthy and abide by all instructions and directives.

Yours sincerely,

David Keselman
Chief Executive Officer