• Enjoying the lifestyle and the independence you value

  • home

    A place of care, a place where everyone cares

  • life

    A sense of belonging, the customs you cherish

The Weinberg Residence

Vancouver’s Home for Jewish Seniors

In the heart of Vancouver’s Jewish community, the Weinberg Residence provides Jewish seniors with dignity, independence and tradition within a socially and spiritually enriching community.

What makes a home?

Is it the warmth and comfort of people who care? The joy of a holiday celebration? Perhaps it’s the simple comfort of living a life you value surrounded by people who share and understand your Jewish heritage and culture.

If you believe that a home is less about bricks and drywall and more about community, we invite you to discover the Weinberg Residence. Located in the heart of Vancouver, we are a vibrant boutique residence of Jewish seniors.

Our residence is unique in that we offer both Assisted Living, if you can and wish to live independently, and Multi-Level Care if you require more extensive nursing care.

Celebrate the little things. Gather with family, make new friends and enjoy the best of life in the way that’s most meaningful to you.

Welcome home to the Weinberg Residence.