How is assisted living different from independent living?
Assisted living provides a higher level of support and services than independent living while still promoting independence and choice. Independent living focuses on accommodation and hospitality services. Assisted Living has the same focus but also provides access to additional support services to assist with activities such as bathing, dressing, or taking medications. By law, in order to carry the Assisted Living designation, residences must be registered with the provincial government.  In BC, this is the Assisted Living Registrar’s Office.

How is the Weinberg Residence different from the Louis Brier?
The Weinberg Residence is a private residence offering two residency options: Assisted Living and Multi-Level Care (24-hour care). The Louis Brier is a Vancouver Coastal Health publicly funded long-term care facility providing 24-hour care.

How do I transition from Weinberg assisted living to the Louis Brier when more care is needed and I cannot afford Weinberg Multi-Level Care?
An assessment would need to be completed by a Vancouver Coastal Health Case Manager to determine eligibility and process into publicly funded residential care.

What type of programs and activities are offered?
We pack our calendar with an array of activities and events. You’ll enjoy movie nights and film festivals; yoga, tai-chi and other fitness and strengthening classes; brain fitness and Lumosity challenges; horticultural therapy; university online learning courses; high tea and happy hour; shopping trips and other excursions; fun-filled social events; computer classes; guest speakers; Jewish holiday celebrations and much more!

Can my family stay as a guest in my suite?
Family and visitors are most welcome to visit and they can stay with you in your suite for a period of time.

Please be aware of current COVID-19 protocols prior to visiting us.

What’s unique about the Weinberg Residence?
The Weinberg Residence caters to a Jewish clientele and observes Jewish customs and kosher laws.   We provide the opportunity to truly age in place through a continuum of care services as part of the Snider Campus of care.

How is the food?
“The food is excellent. … [S]ometimes when you don’t have a very good appetite, it looks so wonderful you have to eat it!”

Watch the video to see what our residents are saying:

Watch the video to see what our residents are saying: