Recreational & leisure activities at the Weinberg Residence

We pack our calendar with an array of activities and events that keeps every day as exciting as the last. If you love to do it, chances are you can do it at the Weinberg Residence.

You’ll enjoy movie nights and film festivals; yoga, tai-chi and other fitness and strengthening classes; brain fitness and Lumosity challenges; horticultural therapy; university online learning courses; high tea and happy hour; shopping trips and other excursions; fun-filled social events; computer classes; guest speakers; Jewish holiday celebrations and much more!

At the Weinberg Residence, the phrase “there’s nothing to do” has no meaning. Feel free to live life to its fullest and enjoy all the activities you love – as well as discover some new ones!

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Seniors’ Activities at the Weinberg Residence

What activities are available? At the Weinberg Residence, we routinely encourage and host a range of activities to help our residents stay fit and active — mentally, physically, and socially. It’s a lifestyle.

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