Jewish Holidays

Jewish holidays at the Weinberg Residence

The reverence and joy with which we celebrate all Jewish holidays is special, and is something you won’t find at any other seniors’ residence in Western Canada. Continue to celebrate the Jewish Holidays, observing simchas and keeping traditions in your own familiar way.

We observe and celebrate all Jewish holidays through time-honoured traditions, kosher holiday meals, music, special events and activities. Our Passover Seders and Rosh Hashanah dinners are particularly special, and your family members and friends are always welcome to participate in our celebrations. We respect the multi-faceted ways by which you observe, and we invite you to add your own special touch to each celebration. Gather with family and friends, dance, laugh, eat and joke the night away.

We adhere to Jewish dietary laws, with all meals prepared in our kosher kitchen under the supervision of Kosher Check.